The town of the etruscan people, the unforgettable Volterra, sights on more than 500 meters above the sea level, between Cecina and Era valley.

The city was one of the most important cities, it was called “Velhtri”, transformed by Etruscan in a vast and rich territory, basing the economy not just on the forests and agriculture, but above all on the mineral deposit’s richness metalliferous hills around.

The excursion of Volterra brings you in the past of the city, during the Roman Empire when it was an important “metropolis”, and passed later on under the control of the Lombards. The castle, today “Rocca Vecchia” (Old Fortress), was built in 1343, but, the entire complex of the fortress, considered the first fortress built in Tuscany, it was a will of Lourence the Magnificence after his military conquest of the town. The fortress is still intact and represents the importance that Volterra had during the past, and it is possible to see it from every part of the town you arrive.

You will see Etruscan handmade Alabaster, considered the most valuable of Europe for its characteristics of compactness, transparency, veined and hardness. This stone is the symbol of the town, and you will be impressed by the “alabaster’s sculptures” that enriched the typical shops along the streets of the historical centre

Excursion Volterra, a thrilling little trip in the history.


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