San Gimignano

San Gimignano

Enjoy a San Gimignano with a private tour with a personal driver, who will pick you up from the apartment you rented or your hotel.

See one of Tuscany’s most popular attractions, and during the excursion from San Gimignano the driver will drop you off at the entrance of the historical Centre.

Your San Gimignano tour will start from Florence or from Siena and other Tuscan cities, in comfort and safety for all historical day.

San Gimignano rises on a beautiful Senese hill, 334 meters above the sea level and, its towers, which make the town “unique” in the world, dominates the Elsa Valley.

Its origins date back to the Etruscan period and it takes the name “Gimignano” from the Holy Bishop of Modena, St. Gimignano, who saved the village from the Barbarians. The Middle Ages were the most important period for the development of the town, thanks to its strategic position. San Gimignano was run through by the ancient “Via Francigena”, a pilgrim’s route in the direction of Rome. During this period there was a flowering of works of art, adorning churches, palaces and monasteries. But, the town was also situated between two enemy cities, Florence and Siena, so theatre of several wars. The fight between Guelphs and Ghibellines and the Black Death Plague, where more than half of the population died, signed the decline of the town, obliged to live for years crystallized, in isolation. Nowadays fortunately it has been rediscovered and it is a marvellous tourist stopping place that you can’t miss.

The 72 tower-houses built in the town symbolized the wealth and the power of the families living in there. Today only 14 of them have survived, such us the famous “Torre Grossa” (The Big Tower).

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