A day in Lucca will be a jump in the past of this city, conserved inside the beautiful red city wall. The wall, which you can today admire, is the third and last built around the city between 1504 and 1645, and they have never had a defensive function. The excursions Lucca continue to discover the real soul of the city, which maintains its walls completely intact.

Its name seems to derive from the word “Luk”, that in the Celtic-Ligurian language means “marshland”. During the early Middle Ages, Lucca became first the chief town of Tuscany and in 1162 a free city-state, maintaining its autonomy and independence for centuries, in spite of the several clashes with the other Tuscan cities. In 1805 Felice Baciocchi ed Elisa Bonaparte lived in Lucca with the qualification of Princes of the city. Later, in 1847, Carlo Ludovico di Borbone, who hold the Ducky of Lucca since the Vienna Congress, gave the city to the Lorena family, so, Lucca became part of Tuscany and then part of the Italian Kingdom, losing its independence.
Lucca is also famous to be the birthplace of Giacomo Puccini, the last member of a great musician dynasty.

With excursion of Lucca, you will have free time to stroll around this charming town, walk on the characteristic walls and enjoy the shops in Fillungo Street. Then you will visit San Frediano Cathedral and the old Amphitheatre. A beautiful excursion around Lucca….

And then the excursion toLucca will bring you near the city to explore the countryside, its colors and its landscape.


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